Church isn’t just Sunday anymore, It’s time for Disciples to Rise!

Giving church has never been easier!

Are you looking for ways to be the church during Covid-19?

Johnson City Tenn: Finding creative ways to engage folks is of no surprise to Digital Disciple Chuck Fisher during Covid and people want to be involved during the week, more and more Christ followers are seeing that Sunday isn’t getting it done by itself, Chuck has been creating hubs up and down the east coast to promote the gospel this year and feels now is the time to explode the efforts as he feels we’re close to Christ’s return, Chuck has launched the Give Church Platform connected to well over 70 assets and many have been published since 2014, Chuck is  now converting everything from newspapers, social media accounts at rapid speed.

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“’Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…’ (Matthew 28:18-19). That is the command. That is the call. That is the priority of the people of God.”





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