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The Remarkable Honda Hybrid Technology

Honda is an automotive giant and has come out with some truly spectacular cars. The secret behind the immense success of Honda is their innovative technology that they use in their vehicles. The Honda Hybrid Technology is solely Honda’s and they have taken their cars to the next level with this. To explain this technology in simple terms would mean that there is simply no transmission.

Honda has always been a master at coming up with stylish solutions for difficult problems. When it introduced the earlier hybrids in the United States, it outdid Toyota in the market, by installing a pancake design AC motor in front of the engine flywheel. This design was named as the Integrated Motor Assist, which was efficient, but compact at the same time. However, it didn’t provide a completely electric drive till the year 2006.

However, hybrid vehicles today are highly evolved and Honda has come out with two-motor powertrain layouts that have helped in evolving hybrids into plug-in hybrids. The highly sophisticated CVT-based drive system in the Prius is a work of art, and an innovation that has advanced a lot of hybrids.

Honda stealing the show

The best part about Honda is that they are true innovators and the Honda Hybrid Technology essentially has no transmission. What you get is 4 gear sets that are for combustion and electric power sources, with all the rest being set. The powertrain has got 3 modes that allow gasoline-only, electric only, and electric with blended gas.

The AC drive motor produces 166-hp with high efficiency motors that allow extraordinary speeds on highways. The braking and deceleration along with electric machines start to act as generators for lithium-ion battery packs. The secondary AC machine serves as the main generator and is smaller in size, but has the tendency to drive the car.

The 2-mode variable intake-valve timing and lift system offers extra maximum efficiency, and acceleration with the recycling cooled exhaust gas (EGB) with reduced consumption, air conditioner, cabin heater, that are powered by electricity. The hybrid system offers enhanced efficiency, which is the main benefit offered by it and is the most efficient.

The power of hybrid

The secondary motor has a clutch connection that ensures maximum efficiency for the Honda Accord. A computer can adjust the engine load, with an operating zone that has a clutch, which is engaged. The hybrid system allows drivers to drive the car more smoothly and with enhanced efficiency, which has allowed it to become the primary engine in most hybrid vehicles.

The plug-in hybrid has done exceptionally well in EPA mileage tests, with the driver mode, which ensures that you are able to get the most bang for your buck. The Honda Hybrid Technology is one of the best technological advancements that the company has made in recent years, and it is not a surprise to learn that it has taken their car technology to the next level. All Honda hybrid cars have got this technology, which explains their massive popularity in the car industry.


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